Campus Energy Bielefeld

Bielefeld? That doesn’t exist. It does! And it’s possible right here: A central place with top infrastructure. Central and close to university and city. The perfect place for todays’ student and modern person.

Created with low-energy standard KFW 55 in mind, our concept focuses on resource efficiency, sustainability and the creation of an innovative living space, fitted for an intensive and great time!

With a mixture of a place close to the city but still individual, the campus offers multiple places to relax. After a stressful day, just the perfect opportunity to make the evening pleasantly relaxing.

Whether you’re having a walk at the Boulevard, having a party at the Ringlokschuppen, taking the tram to go shopping in the city or just going to the shop right around the corner, there is literally nothing that can’t be done in 10 minutes. “Green City” Bielefeld has much more than you would think.

Why Campus Energy?

It’s the perfect place for a comfortable atmosphere and great infrastructure thanks to its big area.



House 1

In this house you find 42 nice single appartements – on the ground floor with a terrace and with bathroom with daylight windows.

House 2

Smart single appartements and shared accommodations with balcony – on the ground floor with terrace. Access to the roof terrace.

House 3

New appartements from approx. 27 m2. The flats on the ground floor offer a private terrace, those on the first floor a balcony.

House 4

Brandnew house with beautiful luxury 40 m2 appartements – with a separate bathroom or separate kitchen.

What do I rent?

Included in the rent:

Heating & water



modern fitted kitchen

controlled domestic ventilation

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